Translation for "were several" to russian
Translation examples
There were several reasons for this delay.
Для этого было несколько причин.
There were several suicide attempts.
Было несколько попыток самоубийства.
Later on, there were several attempts.
Потом было несколько попыток.
- There were several casualties, sir.
- Насколько я понимаю, было несколько жертв, сэр.
Below the first incision were several others.
Ниже первого пореза было несколько других.
There were several items on a bathroom floor.
В ванной было несколько пятен.
There were several Ancient consoles and screens.
Там было несколько консолей и экранов Древних.
All around were several circles of our soldiers
Там было несколько групп наших солдат.
There were several large Gryffindor banners, faded scarlet and gold just to underline his difference from all the rest of the Slytherin family.
Здесь было несколько больших, потускневших, красных с золотом знамен Гриффиндора, подчеркивавших безразличие Сириуса к родственникам, каждый из которых закончил Слизерин.
About twenty paces from the scaffold, where he had stood to hear the sentence, were three posts, fixed in the ground, to which to fasten the criminals (of whom there were several).
Шагах в двадцати от эшафота, около которого стоял народ и солдаты, были врыты три столба, так как преступников было несколько человек.
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