Translation for "der nil war" to english
Translation examples
Dies hier war der Nil.
This was the Nile.
Nile war einer von ihnen.
Nile was one of these.
Tod auf dem Nil
“Death on the Nile
»Niles Coffee?« Sein Gesicht fing an zu leuchten. »Der Niles Coffee?«
Niles Coffee?” A light seemed to come on in his face. “The Niles Coffee?”
Und ich heiße Nile.
And my name is Nile.
Nile hatte Höhenangst.
Nile was afraid of heights.
»Wo ist Niles Jacobi?«
Where's Niles Jacobi?
Niles war nicht dumm.
Niles wasn't stupid.
»Im Hotelpool oder im Nil
“The hotel’s pool or the Nile?”
Aber das hatte Nile erwartet.
Nile had been expecting it.
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