Translation for "was there as well" to russian
Was there as well
Translation examples
as well as
а также
developing countries, as well as on
стран, а также на между-
We are pragmatic as well.
Мы также и прагматики.
as well as its awareness
а также сознает:
As well as:
а также:
Inactive as well as unemployed, employed; cooperatives as well as independent self employed
Экономически неактивные лица, а также безработные и занятые, кооперативы, а также независимые самозанятые лица.
But there are contradictions here as well.
Но здесь также есть противоречия.
as well as for the
а также
There are procedural advantages as well that will be discussed.
Существуют также процедурные преимущества, которые также обсуждаются в документе.