Translation for "there they took" to russian
Translation examples
No delegation took the floor.
Ни одна из делегаций не взяла слова.
The group took fuel samples.
Группа взяла пробы горючего.
UNITA took responsibility for this act.
Ответственность за этот акт взял на себя УНИТА.
No one took responsibility for the explosion.
Никто не взял на себя ответственность за этот взрыв.
The Taliban took responsibility for the attack.
Ответственность за нападение взял на себя <<Талибан>>.
Colombia took Ireland as an example.
Колумбия взяла за образец Ирландию.
Answer: Yes, I took him with me.
Ответ: Да, я взял его с собой.
He took his bag and ran away.
Он взял свою сумку и бежал.
Then he took the bread, took the spoon, and began to eat.
Потом взял хлеб, взял ложку и стал есть.
She took it in her own.
Она взяла ее в свою.
He took it, and they went on.
Он взял, и они прошли мимо.
We took the prisoners.
Мы взяли в плен эту мелюзгу.
He took the book out mechanically.
Он взял его машинально.
He took them and pulled them on.
Он взял ее и надел.
He took it with great curiosity.
Он с большим любопытством взял его.
the old woman took the pledge.
старуха взяла заклад.
He took money and some things.
Он взял деньги и вещи.
We would a took the bottle, but it was broke.
Мы бы взяли бутылку, да только она была разбита.
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