Translation for "over to her" to russian
Over to her
Similar context phrases
Translation examples
You ran over to her place.
Вы прибежали к ней.
Come on, let's go over to her.
Подойдём на секунду к ней.
We'll get a medic over to her.
- Мы отправим к ней врача.
He did not go over to her.
Он не подошел к ней.
Now he's going over to her house.
Теперь он поехал к ней домой.
I went over to her and apologised.
Я пошел к ней и извинился.
Roddy came over to her house yesterday.
Родди приходил к ней домой вчера.
“Molly,” said Lupin bleakly, walking over to her. “Molly—don’t…”
— Молли, — сдержанно сказал, подойдя к ней, Люпин. — Молли, не надо…
So we went over to her house and played various rhythms we had worked out.
Ну вот, мы приехали к ней домой, поиграли.
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