Translation for "guessing games" to russian
Translation examples
We'll play a guessing game.
Поиграем в угадайку.
We are playing a guessing game.
Мы играем в угадайку.
Guessing game is a queer thing.
Угадайка - игра для девочек.
What's with the guessing game?
Это что, игра в угадайку?
Science is not a guessing game.
Наука - это не игра-угадайка.
This isn't a guessing game, Bennie.
Это не игра в угадайку, Бенни.
Well, it's all a guessing game, isn't it?
Это ведь игра в угадайку?
I didn't come here to play guessing games.
Я приехал не в угадайку играть.
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