Translation for "fell and broke" to russian
Translation examples
In addition, Palestinian sources reported that the 70-year-old mukhtar of the village fell and broke several ribs when he tried to flee from the settlers' gunfire.
Кроме того, по сообщениям из палестинских источников, 70-летний мухтар деревни упал и сломал несколько ребер, пытаясь скрыться от пуль поселенцев.
He fell and broke off his thing.
Он упал и сломал эту штуку.
My grandmother fell and broke her hip.
Моя бабушка упала и сломала себе бедро.
I was hiking. I fell and broke my leg.
Я гуляла, упала и сломала ногу.
I fell and broke my leg in my kitchen.
Я упала и сломала ногу, дома на кухне.
Maybe he fell and broke his leg or something.
Может быть, он упал и сломал ногу... Или он...
Damn Mary Carlson fell and broke her wrist, bless her heart.
Черт Мэри Карлсон упала и сломала запястье, благослови ее сердце.
At the cafeteria today, the school mascot fell and broke his arm.
Сегодня в школьной столовой школьный талисман упал и сломал руку.
Well he was very hurt from when he fell and broke his back at work.
Он сильно болел после того, как упал и сломал себе спину на работе.
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