Translation for "of sedgwick" to german
Of sedgwick
Translation examples
 Bess Sedgwick laughed.
Bess Sedgwick lachte.
Such were Sedgwick’s identifications and interests;
Doch so waren Sedgwicks Identifikationen und Interessen;
 "Is Lady Sedgwick staying here?"
»Wohnt Lady Sedgwick hier?«
Also by Marcus Sedgwick
Marcus Sedgwick in der Reihe Hanser:
She went off with Johnnie Sedgwick.
Sie brannte mit Johnnie Sedgwick durch.
Sedgwick knew so many things.
Miss Sedgwick hatte immer alles gewusst.
“[These voices] speak to us,” Sedgwick says.
»[Diese Stimmen] sprechen zu uns«, sagt Sedgwick.
 "No," said Lady Sedgwick slowly.
»Nein«, erwiderte Lady Sedgwick nachdenklich.
People are different from each other. —Sedgwick
Menschen unterscheiden sich voneinander. – Sedgwick
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