Translation for "of cappy" to german
Of cappy
Translation examples
Or Cappy is that soldier.
Oder dieser Soldat ist Cappy.
But Cappy was right.
Aber Cappy hatte recht.
Cappy was the only one.
Cappy war der Einzige.
Cappy turned to me.
Cappy drehte sich nach mir um.
They had no idea what I had gone through for them. Or Cappy. Me and Cappy.
Sie konnten sich gar nicht vorstellen, was ich für sie durchgemacht hatte. Und Cappy. Cappy und ich.
Cappy and Jacobi caught up to me. “I’ll go ahead,” Cappy said.
Cappy und Jacobi holten mich ein. »Ich gehe voraus«, sagte Cappy.
Cappy and I kept running.
Cappy und ich rannten weiter.
Nobody came by, said Cappy.
Keiner war da, sagte Cappy.
Cappy just smiled at her.
Cappy lächelte nur.
It drove Cappy nuts.
Cappy machte das wahnsinnig.
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