Translation for "he said this was not" to german
He said this was not
  • er sagte, das sei nicht
  • er sagte, dies sei nicht
Translation examples
er sagte, das sei nicht
But he said it was important.
Aber er sagt, es sei wichtig.
A businessman, he said.
»Er sagte, er sei Geschäftsmann.«
He said it was a strategy.
Er sagte, das sei Strategie.
He said it was a legacy.
Er sagte, es sei ein Vermächtnis.
He said that was easy.
Er sagte, das sei einfach.
he said it was no’ true.
er sagte, es sei nicht wahr.
He said that was fine.
Er sagte, das sei gut.
He said it was a collective.
Er sagt, es sei ein Kollektiv.
He said it was clear.
Er sagte, es sei unauffällig.
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